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Let's say you're translating a contract, a deed, matters related to bankruptcy proceedings, a lease, an Articles of Incorporation, partnerships, and any other legal issues, you don’t have to look up a word in the dictionary. It’s  a CD!
File, Edit, Find & that’s it!!!


The purpose of this dictionary is to help you find the terminology that you need when dealing with legal translations from English into Spanish and vice verse. Note that most of the terms include the translation thereof and the issue to which they correspond (e.g. contracts, slander, bankruptcy, corporations, and any legal issues.)  The terms that do not have a specific explanation imply that they are applicable to any legal issue. It is almost impossible to cover all the words that arise from the legal terminology nowadays, but this dictionary contains 28 years of experience related to translations and interpretations in the legal field. It has 80 pages which include more than 600 expressions and more than 15,000 terms. In alphabetical order, you will first find the terms from English into Spanish, and afterwards from Spanish into English. This dictionary also includes a list of the Latin terminology that is used in the legal jargon.


It’s  a CD, you just go to
File, Edit, Find & that’s it!!!

Maria Gustafson
Certified Translator
Rockford/ Chicago, IL.